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Kirt Brooks Scholarship Winners

The Kirt Brooks Memorial Water Environment Scholarship is a scholarship for students in or interested in the water environment industry who are members of CWEA or sponsored by a CWEA member.

Scholarships are given for the Fall – Summer school year following the application deadline.

  • Applications are due on January 15th for the school year beginning the following September.
  • Applicants are notified in March of their status/amount of award. The scholarships can be claimed after July 1st by sending CWEA an original proof of enrollment form from their college, trade school, or university.
  • Disbursements will be made directly to the school between September 15th and October 15th.

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About Kirt Brooks

CWEA’s Kirt Brooks Memorial Scholarship was named after Kirtland “Kirt” Brooks, Association Manager and Bulletin editor for several years in the 1980’s. Kirt had joined the Association in the mid-60’s and become active in the San Francisco bay section and several other northern California sections.

Kirt believed that by improving the technical qualification of operators and maintenance people, all would benefit. One of his major satisfactions was the development of what is now the Technical Certification Program. He was a key figure in encouraging the development of the program while on the Board of Governors and later its first “paid staff” to manage and process the tests – although he probably donated more time than he got paid for. Later when the idea of a scholarship program was conceived, Kirt became a member of the ad-hoc committee to define its objectives and selection criteria. He saw the scholarship as a logical extension of the Association’s basic purpose of education of its members.

For nearly thirty years, Kirt actively contributed his time, creativity and wisdom to the Association. He was so respected and loved, that, at the next Board meeting following his passing, the Board unanimously voted to name the scholarship program after him.


CWEA Office, [email protected] (510) 382-7800 ext. 141

Scholarship committee chair, Robert Delgado, [email protected]


Eliseo Bonilla
Hayley Jenkins
Tyler Kleinsasser
Xavier Vera
Norman Woods

Valerie Leone
Chathura Abeyrathna
Leslie Rios
Jahlen Pinelo
Marcus Joseph
Jared Speicher
Sebastian Rossouw
Aidan Wilson

Lauren Armistead
Alejandro Cerano-Lopez
Susan Hiestand
Connie Ho
Cassey Hong
Kourosh Irani
Valerie Leone
Gabriel Snook
Cole Parsons
Visala Tallavarjula

Sammy Arvizu
Janelle Garabedian
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