Student Design Competition

The Student Design (State and International) Competition which promotes interest in wastewater and water environment careers is an annual competition. Winners of the California competition will be sponsored by CWEA to participate in the International Water Environment Federation (WEF) competition in New Orleans or Chicago every fall. Past competition winners indicate that the trip to WEFTEC to see other schools and compete is a life changing experience, not to mention the bragging rights for your school (and California!).

View this slide deck about the 2020 competition.

Or watch our YouTube webinar to hear an interactive version about the competition:

And the WEF website: and guidelines for 2020.

2020 Timeline

January 30 Teams shall notify the CWEA Student Design Competition Chair (SDC) of their intent to participate in the WEFTEC® Student Design Competition. 
February 21 Teams shall submit 1 page problem statement to CWEA SDC Chair
April 27 Submit written report for CWEA
May 1 Teams shall notify the SDC Subcommittee Co-chairs of their intent to participate in the WEF® Student Design Competition. Teams shall indicate whether or not their local MA will be hosting or has hosted an MA level Student Design Competition.
May 9 CWEA Competition – Orange County Sanitation District (Fountain Valley)
May 29 Selected Teams shall submit the completed Entry Form, abstract and Executive Summary/Progress Report to the WEFTEC Student Design Competition Subcommittee Chair
Week of June 22 One representative member (or more) of each team shall participate in a webinar hosted by the Subcommittee to review design report submittal requirements, expectations for competition participants, and general competition questions.
August 21 Electronic and hard copies of the design report are required for a complete competition entry. Teams shall submit a package containing one hard copy of the design report.
September 25 Teams shall submit a copy of the PowerPoint presentation. Uploads shall be completed no later than this date at midnight US Eastern Time.