LACSD Public Service Announcements

Staff from the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County has worked with the producers of the PBS show Curiosity Quest to develop three new public service announcements (PSA) described below. LACSD will be sharing these via social media in the coming weeks and seeking airtime on public cable. If you see something you like, please share via your social media. (Click titles to open videos.)

Converting Waste into Resources
This PSA highlights the Districts mission of converting waste into resources and features people from several positions throughout the agency.

Protecting Our Sewer System
In a slightly shocking way, this PSA is intended to highlight the importance of sewer maintenance and only putting certain (the 3 P’s) down the toilet.

Recycled Water Test
This PSA puts a group of high school kids to the test: can they distinguish between flasks holding bottled water, recycled water and tap water?

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